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NH Story of Transformation- The Colebrook Story

The NH Department of Education has released a multi-media document titled "NH Story of Transformation".  This publication represents our state’s story—one of the successes and struggles to transform an entire education system from the bottom up rather than the top down—to promote ownership and nurture real and lasting change.

The work to design and create this publication began more than 12 months ago, yet the stories we’re telling in here have a history much deeper than that. The publication walks through this history, providing insight into New Hampshire’s educational transformation, which includes: exploring the impetus of why we’re making these changes; our vision for the Granite state; models from our classrooms, districts and partnerships; the lessons we’ve learned and where we see our system moving from here. The narrative is threaded together with videos of our students, educators, parents, administrators, higher education leaders, policymakers, business community and educational organization partners as they share their experiences and reflections.

I am pleased to announce that on page 23 of this document you will find the story of Colebrook's success with professional development.  Included are audio clips from administrators and teachers talking about the good things we are doing.   Access the "NH Story of Transformation" by clicking this link.   NH Story of Transformation or  The Colebrook Story