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Mrs. Johnsen- Art

                                               Art Class at CES

  Pablo Picasso said “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it”, this philosophy is shared and encouraged throughout the National Education and the Arts statement as they also believe that schools need to promote students into taking calculated risks and imaginative leaps as to learn how to adapt and change.  Engagement in a thriving arts program helps promote this approach to learning.

Looking forward to another year filled with creativity and imagination!!

Expectations in the art room include the tenants of our Starr Initiative:
Safety      Tolerance    Acceptance    Respect      and Responsibility.

Week of March 11th                            

This week we celebrate "Art in Our Schools Month" with an exhibition of reproductions of the work of Impressionist painter Edgar Degas.  Degas was known for his paintings of dancers from the late 1800s.  Much of his work hangs in museums around the world such as the Metropolitan in New York and the Musee' D'Orsay in Paris.  We will spend the entire week visiting "The Colebrook Museum of Fine Art" where the exhibition resides for the coming week.  Students will learn about the artist and have the opportunity to respond with ideas and drawings.

Please come and visit it along with highlights from this year's art classes during our curriculum fair on Thursday March 14th from 6 - 7pm
Edgar Degas

2nd Grade Mural Painters

Traveling Exhibition - Edgar Degas

Presentation by Zach Johnsen, designer and illustrator 

Keith Haring Inspired Life-Size Figures of our 2nd Grade Artists