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Mrs. Hailey- Pre K-Special Education

                                                                          Mrs. Hailey's Preschool


Weeks of March 16th - April 3rd
I hope everyone was able to come to school and get their packets of activities. Like I said, this is nothing I need back, I just wanted the preschoolers to have some fun things to do in the coming weeks. Our letters over these weeks are V and W! Make sure you practice how those letters are formed (all big lines) and learn the sounds. Can you think of some words that make those sounds? Also, HAPPY 1st Day of Spring!! How exciting! We have been waiting for this day! 

I miss you ALL terribly! I hope we are all reunited very soon. 
Love, Mrs. Hailey


                                                                  Class List:
Saphyrra, Jackson, Mason, Emmett, Sophia, Addison, Maggie, Tyler, Aaron, Emily

Important Dates: 

 If you choose to order books online through Scholastic, our class code is RH6BK. Our class earns FREE books with each order placed

My contact information:
work: 603-237-4801 EXT 210
email: rhailey@csd.sau7.org