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Mrs. Hailey- Pre K-Special Education

                                                                              Mrs. Hailey's Preschool


Week of March 25-28
This week we will learn about the letter P. Will work on recognizing the sound, as well as the formation of the letter. We will be introduced to the number 8. We will also begin our unit on life cycle and explore different animals and how they change as they grow! 

We have two new students! Welcome Wes and Saphyrra!!

I will continue including activities weekly that helps the preschoolers learn how to correctly write their first names. They have been writing it daily on their various papers, and the progress has already been amazing, so I'm anxious to see how far they can come with activities centered around the skill. 

Class List:
Madison, Anthony, Maggie, CC, Onica, Addi, Graydon, Mason, Wes, Saphyrra

Important Dates:

Thursday April 4- book orders due

 If you choose to order books online through Scholastic, our class code is RH6BK. Our class earns FREE books with each order placed

My contact information:
work: 603-237-4801 EXT 210
email: rhailey@csd.sau7.org