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Ms. Grant Grade 2

Ms. Grant

    January 22nd -25th

Reading Objective  Children will explore the path of a reluctant reader who became a book lover and author, and will apply strategies to strengthen their own reading habits.

Literacy Focus  author study

ELA Skills  compare and contrast, key details, text evidence,  writing

Page 4 Skill  reading a chart   

Vocabulary:  reluctant, draft

       January 14th - 17th

Reading Objective: Children will evaluate the traits of a hero by studying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s character traits and how those traits helped him make important changes in our country.


Vocabulary: segregation,   speeches,  inspired


Social Studies Focus: history;   American heroes

                                     The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss is excellent for discussing issues of prejudice and discrimination with children. When the Star-Bellied Sneetches and the Plain-Bellied Sneetches treat one another disrespectfully because of simple stars on   their bellies, one is forced to question the absurdity of   such prejudice.

  January 28th - February 1st

  February 4th - 8th

   February 11th - 15th

  February 19th - 22nd

  March 4th -8th 

What We’re Learning

Reading Street : Unit 3 Week 3

Big Question:   How can creative thinking 

help solve a problem?

Main Selection: Anansi Goes Fishing

Writing:  Complete sentences

Math: double digit addition (without 

regrouping),basic fact fluency in addition and subtraction, value of a set of coins, key terms in addition word problems, odd and even

Spelling Words

January 22nd -25th













Reading Logs:

In an effort to promote reading and family involvement, our school will continue implementing Reading Logs for students in Pre K- Grade 5.  Each student will receive a sheet to track the amount of reading done at home.  We are encouraging 20 minutes of reading, 4 nights a week.  This includes students reading or parents reading to the student.  It is our hope that reading for 20 minutes a night will become a standard in your home.

I will include a reading log in the folder every Friday.

Thanks J

Reading Logs :  I will collect the reading log on Friday morning of each week.

Folders: I will send home folders on a nightly basis. Homework will be sent home on Tuesday and would like it back by Thursday of each week.  

Parents use this code to submit their Scholastic Book Clubs Orders to you online.

Class Code


Building a sense of safe and respectful classroom community includes simple group activities that help the children get to know each other better.  Guided discovery is a method by which areas of the room or classroom materials are introduced slowly and deliberately to the whole class. 

In a responsive classroom setting, teachers see mistakes (in academics and in behavior) as important steps in learning. They encourage students to learn from their mistakes and “try again.” They offer support and reteach as needed. At the same time, teachers provide clear expectations for behavior and stop misbehavior quickly so that students can focus on learning.

Important Dates
Monday, January 21st

No School –Civil Rights Day

Thursday, January 24th

Skate and Swim

(Week 4 of 6)

Looking Ahead

Thursday, January 31st

Skate and Swim

(Week 5 of 6)

Looking Ahead

February 2019

Wednesday, February 6th

Early Release at noon

Thursday, February 7th 

Skate and Swim

(Week 6 of 6)

Thursday, February 7th

100th Day of School Celebration

Monday, February 11th

Visit to Colebrook Public Library

Thursday, February 14th

Valentine's Day Celebration

Monday, February 18th

No School

President's Day

Monday, February 25th- March 1st

No School

Winter Vacation

Please use the envelope provided to send in payment for meals and extra milk purchased from the cafeteria.

*You should make all checks out to Colebrook Elementary School.

*Snack is an important time of the day.  Please supply a nutritious snack for your child to enjoy each day.  We have both an AM and PM snack each day.

**Our school collects aluminum tabs from cans.  The funds generated from recycling these aluminum tabs help offset the expenses of the Ronald McDonald House of Durham.

*We also collect box tops.  Please check out the website for further information.




Physical Ed. (Gym)








Physical Ed. (Gym)













Lunch Menu

Main Meal Option

Jan. 22nd – 25th

Monday: No School (Civil Rights Day)

Tuesday: Beef Nachos

Wednesday: Cheesy Breadsticks

Thursday: Macaroni and Cheese

Friday: Burger

Each week when I send home the newsletter I will include the main meal menu for the following week.

Each day the choices are:

Main Meal

Deli Sandwich (Ham, Turkey, or Sunbutter & Jelly)

Parfait (yogurt w/fruit)

Chef Salad

Cold Lunch (from home)

Milk is an option during PM snack each day.

Prices are as follows:

Lunch (k-5) -$2.55 

Snack Milk- $.50

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