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Mr. Haley- Kindergarten


"You're off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss

Kindergarten with Mr. Haley

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Email - khaley@csd.sau7.org

Listen to our books of the week...

Letters we have learned this year:

M        S        P        N        B        T        C        A        I        R

D        F        K        H        O        L        G        E        J        W


Sight Words we have learned this year:

I        am        the        little        a        to        is        have

we        my        like        he        she        with        me        see

look        of        they        you        can        are        do        that

one        two        three        four        five        here        go        from

Color Words that we have practiced reading:

red            blue            yellow            green            brown

black            orange            white            pink            purple

Remote Learning Resources

Included in your Remote Learning Bag, you will find:

CALENDAR folder- This folder can be used every day for the children to practice their days of the week, the weather, and counting.  This is what we practice during our morning meeting, so it will help the children stay in the same routine.

A MUST DO folder (the letter of the week folder)- these are activities that we would like you to complete and bring back to school when we return.  The letter of the week for April 6 - 10 is U.

The letter of the week for April 13 - 17 is X

The letter of the week for April 20 - 24 is the letter V.


A CAN DO folder- this folder includes math, science, social studies, and play activities that you can participate in throughout the week.  We encourage you to pick one activity from each section every day to keep your academic skills sharp.  

Learning Lessons That Are Ready to Go!
Username:   Learning20
Password:   Clifford

Rabbits                     Bears                       Plants

  Baby Animals              The Moon            All About Spring

       Recycling               Friendship            The 5 Senses  

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